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Social Media Glow Up 


I'll teach you how to create lasting shine on your social, one day at a time.

My passion lies in spreading light on social media by engaging, enlightening

& encouraging. I want to show your most authentic self with intention.

- Brittani Risk


Step Into Your Power

I want to help you put your dream on display with intention, authenticity & confidence. 

All of our dreams can come true, we just need the courage & collaboration to pursue them

What I'll do for you

My coaching guarantee for every item you purchase

Give you story ideas

Consult you on posts

Give you a "connection" challenge

Provide Insight + Guidance

Answer questions you have


What's a social glow up?

I'll be your guide to taking your social media from zero to hero. YES. The algorithm is confusing and ever changing. It's not always easy being a business trying to market when social media isn't natural for you. 

Trust me, I'm having to keep up with it all. 

I'll be your guide. On the days you don't have inspiration or motivation, I'll enter and help you to know what you are doing. You'll get access to chat with me through Instagram DM (right there where you'll also be posting) and I'll be pushing you to do all that you can on your platform(s). 

After a month of working with me you will feel more confident, intentional and authentic in your social media posting + interaction. 


What I Offer

Social Media Coaching Solutions for you.



 $500 per month

Glow Up Guide 2 Days a week. I'll set you up for success on Mondays & Fridays. The rest is up to you. 

 $750 per month

Glow Up Guide 3 Days a week. I'll keep your algorithm reaching for the stars on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. 

 $1250 per month

The ULTIMATE GLOW UP. Let's take your social to the next level. We'll be posting with authentic intention 5 days a week. Monday - Friday you will get ideas + feedback from me. And Ideas to carry you through the weekend!


How will we chat?

You have access to me all through out the day on Instagram or Facebook direct message. I will give you your daily challenges + you can ask any questions or run content by me. I'm in YOUR corner! 

Will I see sales from this? 

I hope so, but it really depends on your goals/business structure. Organic social media takes time. I believe you need a perfect combination of ads + social media posting to be successful online. I'll bring out your intention, authority + authenticity. With this trifecta, you will be unstoppable. 


My guarantee to you

If your engagement isn't growing after 3 months, I'll give you another month for free. 

Ready to get your dream out there? 

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