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Facebook ads is an amazing tool to use with an already well oiled machine. It is not the machine itself.

- Brittani Risk


I want to bring you dream clients

I'll advertise your dream, while you live it.

Facebook + Instagram Ads are necessary if you want to be visible online. The reason I fell in love with ads is because I get to target your exact buyer persona. We will work together to be so intentional about who we are offering your product or service to. One thing I want you to understand during this journey is, Ads will take time, but are so worth it and will pay off long term if you stick with it. I'm here to get you started or be your long term ad running bestie. 

You deserve to be serving your dream clients. 

My Marketing Journey

My passion lies in helping creative entrepreneurs like me. 

Owning a business was always something I dreamed of. I thought my passion lied in dance and for years I made a full-time career teaching dance & running dance camps for kids. I started working in social media by promoting social campaigns for a couple of best-selling authors based here in Dallas, Texas. After that amazing experience, I knew I could help so many others with their social media. I became a social media manager for a year and then I knew it was time for the big kahuna: Facebook + Instagram Ads. 

So I learned how to run them. I worked with a mentor who taught me all the secrets and I still keep her on my team because two heads are better than one. 

I truly just want to help small businesses like me, make money online. Because I know it is possible!


All of our dreams can come true, we just need the courage & collaboration to pursue them

What I'll do for you

My product guarantee for every item you purchase

Create the ads start-to-finish

Monitor your ads

Select Images + Write Ad Copy

Provide Insight + Guidance

Help you understand results


How it Works 

I'll take the stress of marketing your dream while you spend your time where you are really needed.


Hiring me for your paid ads is a relatively hands off experience once we get through the initial collaboration phase. I'll do the work to make sure we are going in the right direction. Based on your initial assessment, I will use ads to get you to your goals whether it be leads, traffic or brand awareness. 

Month one is always a testing month so I can discover what really works for your business. 

I'll be your guide with ensuring you understand how to read your ad results.


What I Offer

Advertising Solutions for you.



 $600 + $175 ad spend

I will run 4 ads per month for you completely customized to your business' needs. This includes traffic + retargeting.

$800 + $225 ad spend

I will run 6 ads per month for you completely customized to your business' needs. This includes traffic + retargeting.

$1250 + $350 ad spend

I will run 8 ads per month for you completely customized to your business' needs. This includes traffic, retargeting and a complete boost of your instagram profile. 


When do I start seeing results? 

You will see an immediate change in your google analytics traffic to your site. Usually increasing 30% or more. Inquires can come in as soon as the first ad or can come in at the bottom of the funnel. This is dependent on your buyer and if they are in a position to buy! 

Can't you just start my ads now?

Unfortunately, I won't launch ads until I can show that your website is in proper order, and I'll need to go through and ensure it is in a great space to get you bookings. The destination of your ad shares 50% of the responsibility of getting someone to book with you, so it is essential that be just as solid as the ads themselves. 


My guarantee to you

If you don't get one sale in 3 months, I will give you a month entirely free + a mentorship call. 

Ready to get your dream out there? 

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