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Bringing Dream Clients to YOU.

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I want to convert your social media into a money making machine. 


My mission is to ensure your content is generating leads.

How do we do that? Digital, Paid Advertising.

My creative + strategic experience allows me to create aesthetically pleasing, attention grabbing content + ads. I handle everything start to finish so you don't have to sit and wonder if your social media is working and get back to living your dream. 



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I'll advertise your dream, you live it. 

What I Offer

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Paid Social Media Ads

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Social Media Management

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Social Media Glow Up Coaching


"I had the privilege of getting to collaborate with Brittani in my work as a happiness researcher and speaker serving Fortune 100 companies across the globe.  Brittani is smart, capable, honest, kind, resilient and a self-starter. She far outstripped our already high expectations. I have been doing this work for 14 years, from Harvard to shantytowns in Africa to the Pentagon, which I say not to lift me up but rather to say that in all those travels it’s rare to find someone like Brittani, someone who so effortlessly brings so much light to their work."

Shawn Achor

Best Selling Author of 

The Happiness Advantage 

TEDTalk Speaker